MACRC Official Team Scoring System

Division 1:

Gold:   60-120-180-240-300

Blue:   74-88-102-116

Red:    14-28-42-56

White:   5-10-15


Division 2:

Gold:   50-100-150-200-250

Blue:    62-74-86-98

Red:    12-24-36-48

White:   4-8-12


Division 3:

Gold:   40-80-120-160-200

Blue:   50-60-70-80

Red:      9-18-27-36

White:   3-6-9


Division 4:

Gold:   30-60-90-120-150

Blue:   37-44-51-58

Red:      7-14-21-28

White:   2-4-6

To compute 3rd place: Add ½ the spread of points for a 3rd place win.

For example: In Division 1 Gold the spread is 60 points (60-120-180-240-300).  To compute the points for 3rd place add 30 points to the players score. If the player has won two matches and plays for 3rd place and wins, they would earn 120 + 30 for a total of 150 points.

Effective 2014/2015 season: When two players from different schools are paired together in order to provide more competition in doubles divisions, any points earned will be awarded to the schools that were represented by those players.

Mixed doubles divisions do not earn points.

Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Racquetball Conference