Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Racquetball Conference

Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Racquetball Conference (MACRC) Procedures/Guidelines

Schedule/Locations: To be determined by the Commissioner of the conference. The schedule should be finalized and posted by September 15th of the current season. There will be four tournaments per season, with the breakdown between fall and spring semesters to be determined by the Commissioner.  Intercollegiate Regional Championships may be held by the last weekend of February. Intercollegiate National Championships will be held annually in March at a location to be determined by the Collegiate Council and USAR.

Eligibility: Any student taking classes towards a degree at a college or university qualifies to compete in collegiate racquetball. Graduate students must be full-time and must attend the same college for the fall and spring semesters to be eligible to compete at Nationals.

Format: Each team will consist of up to eight men and eight women players. Divisions will be numbered Mens/Womens Singles #1, #2, #3 and #4, Mens/Womens Doubles #1, #2 and #3, and #4. The #1 and #2 players from each school will compete in Singles Division #1, the #3 and #4 players from each school will compete in Mens/Womens Singles Division #2, the #5 and #6 players from each school will compete in Mens/Womens Singles Division #3, and the #7 and #8 players from each school will compete in Mens/Womens Singles Division #4. The #1 doubles team from each school will compete in Mens/Womens Doubles Division #1, the #2 doubles team from each school will compete in Mens/Womens Doubles Division #2, and the #3 and #4 doubles teams from each school will compete in Mens/Womens Doubles Division #3 and #4. Any other players that would like to play doubles, whether it is with somebody from their own school or another school, can play, however, this will be a non-championship division (does not count for points). The Olympic Format will be used for all singles draws, and the doubles divisions will run a Gold and Red bracket only. The tournament director has the right to reclassify players if necessary at any time.

Points: Team points will be accumulated individually based on the breakdown as shown in the Intercollegiate Racquetball Conference Scoring System. Points will be posted on the draw sheets prior to the beginning of the event, and the final standings for each meet will be posted within 48 hours of the completion of the tournament. Points will be accumulated per team over the four conference meets throughout the year to determine the final conference standings for the current year. Points earned at Regionals will not count towards the yearly conference standings.

Awards: Awards will be presented to the top team in the conference for the current season men’s standings, women’s standings and overall standings. A team must have both a men’s and a women’s team to qualify for the overall title. In addition, three individual awards will be presented to include the Male and Female Player of the Year and the Coach of the Year. The individuals from each conference, as well as the conference champions for that academic year, will be recognized at the Annual US Intercollegiate National Championships Banquet and Awards Ceremony.

Fees: The league dues to cover all entry fees for one full team (8 men / 8 women) for the full conference season, or all four tournaments is $600 per team. Any team that would like to bring additional players can enroll a second team for $600 per team. Individual students that would like to participate in any conference tournament may do so for $30 per person which includes two divisions. These fees are for conference play only and do not qualify towards either the US Intercollegiate Regional Championships or the US Intercollegiate National Championships. The entry fees for the Regional Championships will be $45 per person for two divisions. In addition, all participants must be a current USAR Member. Annual memberships will be available at the tournament for a fee of $25 per person for students ages 24 and under, and $50 per person for students ages 25 and older.

Hospitality: Hospitality will be available all weekend long at all Intercollegiate Racquetball Conference tournaments and Regional events. If play starts on Friday night, dinner will be served. Lunch and dinner will be served on Saturday, and lunch will be served on Sunday. Since most players will be staying at hotels, breakfast will not be served, as all players can utilize the complimentary breakfast that is usually served at hotels. Gatorade, bananas and oranges should be available all weekend.

Accommodations: The hosting college will identify accommodations local to the host school, to serve as the host hotel. The hotel information will be conveyed to the commissioner and distributed to the athletes.

Rules and Regulations: In addition to the standards set forth by the USAR for rules and regulations, including conduct, Intercollegiate Racquetball has its own set of guidelines that will be followed. First, swearing will not be allowed at any time. If the referee hears a player swear, whether in frustration or joking with teammates, he/she will receive an automatic technical, and will incur a loss of a point. In addition, at no time will a player be permitted to be on the racquetball court, whether in warm-ups, games, or even practicing before/after matches, without USAR approved eye-guards. Any player caught by the tournament committee doing so will be given one warning per tournament, then will be assessed a technical for another occurrence. Players are requested to be at their matches at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. However, if a player is late, his/her opponent will be awarded one (1) point for every minute that player is late for the match. After 15 minutes, game one is awarded to the opponent, and after 30 minutes, the match is finished. If a player forfeits in an Intercollegiate Racquetball competition without a valid reason approved by the commissioner, he/she will not be eligible to compete in the next competition. Winners will be required to ref the next match or find a suitable replacement from their team. Uniforms will not be required, however, it is encouraged at all levels of Intercollegiate Racquetball that each player has their school name prominently shown on the back of his/her shirt. All USAR Rules and Regulations, in addition to those stated above, will apply to Intercollegiate Racquetball.

Conference Championship at Nationals: Each Conference will be allowed to assign three singles players and three doubles teams at the US Intercollegiate Nationals to accumulate points towards the conference championship. These individuals must be noted prior to the start of the event and cannot be modified after play has commenced. Trophies will be awarded to the top three conferences at the annual US Intercollegiate Nationals Banquet and Awards Ceremony.

MACRC Tournament Guidelines for all Participants: Added/Amended, March 2016 

Plan on being available to play Friday, Saturday and Sunday – the tournaments are 3-day events. Late start times will be considered for teams traveling the greater distances – upon request. Anyone leaving prior to completing all their matches or skipping a match may face a forfeit penalty*.   Start and end times may vary according to venue and number of participants.

Check your start time and plan on arriving to check-in about 45 minutes early before your first match so all necessary paper work can be completed.

Be aware of the No Show penalty** for signing up for a tournament and then backing out once the draw is complete or not showing up at the event. Anyone wishing to be removed from the tournament, must alert Phil Wheeler prior to brackets being set.

Check start times often, as draws are subject to change.

In order to keep the event running in a fair and timely manner, below are some guidelines for tournament participation:

Check-in at the tournament desk 30 minutes prior to your start time upon your initial arrival for review of paper work and payments.

Check the draw sheets immediately after check-in for any changes.

Check draw sheets often, as they are subject to change.

Check the board 30 minutes prior to your play time to see if the event is running ahead or behind. It is your responsibility to be available to play at the time listed; however, in some circumstances you may be asked to start earlier or later.

Let the person running the board know that you are available 30 minutes prior to your play time – and stay in the area.  You risk a forfeit and fine if you are not available. 

Be aware that once you are called to a court, you have 5 minutes to warm up (concurrently) before play begins in singles and 10 minutes (5 minutes per team) in doubles matches. Refer to USAR. Official Rules of Racquetball: Competition Policies and Procedures, Rule: A.8

*Forfeit Penalty: Club will be assessed a $25 fine for each forfeit during the tournament.

**No show Penalty: Club will be assessed a $25 fine for each drop out or no show after the draw is complete.